Wedding Update

August 6th Update

Hello Everyone!

We are getting so excited for this amazing day with all of OUR people. Thank you so much for joining us in this celebration. We apologize for taking so long to get the final plans made. Its been a wild and crazy fun few months and we are thrilled to say that the toy store has been a huge success.

So here it is, the schedule for our lovely wedding day…

The ceremony and reception will both be held at the Federal, second floor of the historic post office in downtown Prescott (see location & parking).  The monsoon season is our favorite, but so unpredictable, so we thought it would be safest to stay indoors.

Guests Arrive at 5:00, and the ceremony will begin 5:15-5:30. Afterward, all guests will follow us across the street (if weather permits) to the square, under our favorite tree, where we would love to greet everyone. During this time the venue will be quickly switched from ceremony to reception.

The Federal and our open bar will reopen at 6:15. A buffet-style street taco dinner will be available beginning at 6:30. Music and dancing will start around 7:30. We have a lovely band performing first, and a fabulous DJ to follow.

We are hoping that you all could possibly let us know what types of tacos you would prefer, as well as your drink preferences. We are building our own open bar and hoping to get the quantities right.

Please quickly respond with your preferences by filling the form below, or texting/emailing Alice. And thank you so very much for doing one more annoying task for us!

Finally…gifts…we absolutely dont want any. Just having you with us on this day is the best gift ever. We are in our mid-forties and have everything we need. We would only ask that you please bring a little cash to tip our bartenders and performers.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions whatsoever!

Love, Alice & Brad

Alice: 928-301-4699,
Brad: 928-379-3994,

Food & Drink Preferences

Please tell us your food and drink preferences for you and your party. Thank you!

Food & Drink Preferences

Food Preferences

Drink Preferences

Location & Parking

Our wedding ceremony and reception will be held at the Federal space (2nd floor) in the old Prescott Post Office at 101 W. Goodwin St.

On Saturdays, street parking is available all throughout downtown Prescott, however, a parking lot is available on the Northeast and Southeast corners of the Federal building as mapped below, as well as the Granite St. Parking Garage.